After The Ice Bucket Challenge: What Is ALS’ Next A-HA Moment?

Cold. It was really really cold. Like, so-cold-it-burns cold. Like, I-can’t-feel-my-skull cold. Like, it-was-a-super-long-week-and-I-drank-my-frozen-daiquiri-too-fast cold. Weirdly, though, that cold felt good. And it wasn’t just because it was August and I was sweating so much you could fill a swimming pool with it. It felt good because about three seconds after that icy water numbed […]

#ALSHillDay18 Recap With An Advocate

This past Mother’s Day weekend, Americans from many states and backgrounds assembled on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to learn, confer, inform, and advocate about ALS. The 2018 National ALS Advocacy Conference is a two-day event that features panels and presentations by researchers, organizers, and ALS patients, followed by meetings with congressional members.   While […]